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Place to discuss actual setting of SS.
67by ConnorsConnors
09 May 2012 02:38Jump!
Place to discuss actual rules and unique systems for SS.
11by ConnorsConnors
09 Mar 2012 01:41Jump!
ConnorsCon 2012 'Mini-Campaign'
Place for discussion on the actual game for CC2012.
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Stuff about the actual campaign/game.
33by ConnorsConnors
30 May 2012 10:07Jump!
Place for character generation and general info.
427by Taliesin23Taliesin23
24 May 2012 23:29Jump!
Dwarven Brewer/Explorer. (Created and played by Shane)
23by ConnorsConnors
09 May 2012 06:12Jump!
Badger Wildling Scavenger/Sky Sailor/Fugitive (Created and played by Chaddy)
11by ConnorsConnors
26 Apr 2012 23:43Jump!
Human (from Bridgeways) Rogue/Swindler. (Created and played by Blair)
11by ConnorsConnors
09 May 2012 06:23Jump!
Human Ex-Sky Pirate turned Scavenger (Played by Nicko)
14by ConnorsConnors
24 May 2012 08:32Jump!

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