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(Just creating a Character Page in case some of you wish to post your own creations - I know Shane wants to work on one. So if you do, please copy and paste the template below, fill it in AND attach a copy of your PC to the page under Files).

Boron Broederlijke


Dwarf - Brewer/Explorer (played by Shane)
Features: Boron is an adult dwarf with a love of cigars. Very small even for a dwarf. Blonde hair.
Background: Boron is an extremely rare dwarf in that he is the youngest triplet, which may account for his small stature for a dwarf. The youngest son of clan Broederlijke he has grown up watching his older brothers set to inherit clan leadership and the chief brewer positions. Rather than regret his position he has taken it upon himself to seek older methods of brewing and seek out unusual and rare ingredients. Several times he has sent items back to the clan with recommendations that has seen clan Broederlijke prosper and gain in the eyes of rival brewing clans. As a result of his successes he has been official given a position of Grand Aquisitor for the clan by his father with the goal to seek out different methods and ingredients to use in the clans brews.
During his travels his code of honour has sidetracked him as he has come to aid of people in trouble and need of aid. None more so than his now companion, the wildling Gri'atron, whom he hid from elves in a barrel of Groeder Berries, while traveling between islands on the same vessel.
Personality: Boron is generally relaxed but his upbringing (noble even if he is from a poor clan and is the least influential dwarf) has given him a distinct code of honour and knowledge of how those in authority should conduct themselves. He can be quite gruff with those he considers fool and is not above making threats to get his way (even if he would rarely act on those threats)
Gaming Goals: Boron continually seeks new (and old) methods of brewing, wine making etc as well as unusual and rare ingredients with the aim of helping his small and poor clan increase in power and status in the dwarven community. As such money is also a necessity as he often has to travel to exotic locals and pay for those ingredients.
Important Items: Clan sigil ring, flintlock pistol, work tools bag, Boron's Brew of Healing (Weird Science Power)
Wish List: Musket, money, rise in clan status/power, any item that can help increase carrying capacity, or help smuggle rare items though places that has decreed them illegal.
Advancement: Increase to Spirit, New Weird Science Powers, New Skill - Taunt, Hold the Line (s), increase to skills taunt & intimidate, Strong Willed.

(Boron's character sheet at 0 XP is attached below)



Wildling - Wealth Gatherer(Scavenger) /Sailor/Fugitive (played by Chaddy)
Features: His body is covered in tuffs of hair and though he is quiet tall for his race he appears very short as he has a hunched back. He looks like a cross between and human and badger, though it is not a clean cross. Each body part looks disproportionate to his size and the hair looks very scruffy as he has large balding patches.
Background: Escaped capture by the Elves and has been on the run, was saved by Boron when nearly recaptured and has followed his ever since. He protects Boron with his life, and would kill anyone who questioned his loyalty.
Personality: Prone to going into rages when he doesn't get what he believes his fair share of loot. Cannot speak any language very well and often grunts when talking.
Gaming Goals: (Quests and things actual character wants to achieve).
Important Items:
Wish List: (Write what items, benefits, treasure, etc you would like here)
Advancement: (Write advances you would like).



Human - Rogue/Swindler (played by Blair)
Features: McAllister has clearly seen a few winters. He always wears a distinctive bowler hat, and often a tie and jacket too.
Background: A weathered rogue from the isle of Brideways. McAllister has fallen on tough times recently, which came to a head when his rivals took him out to one of the remote rims to throw him over. A freak storm blew up, however, blowing his two would-be assassins over the edge, and leaving McAllister unscathed.
Knowing that his life would be at risk every moment he stayed on Bridgeways, he jumped the first sky-ship he could find, and fled, hoping that those who hired the assassins wouldn't even know that they had failed.
Personality: McAllister is a classic rogue/swindler, preferring to talk his way through troubles where he can, and convincing others to help him remove troubles that can't be talked out. He has been in "the Game" for a lot of years, and doesn't take well to others who think they know more than he does.
Further to this, he also knows the importance of showing respect when it is due, and not taking unreasonable risks with those who have the advantage over him.
Gaming Goals: McAllister is seeking to find a new home, and to rebuild the network that he once had on Bridgeways. He has started from scratch in the past, and knows exactly what it will take to get him what he wants, and knows that this won't happen overnight.
He is also determined not to let himself be unnecessarily vulnerable to his enemies, and is determined to keep some of the more "useful" allies around at all times.
Important Items: McAllister takes particular pride in his hat, and wears it all the time. He has an older model flintlock pistol that he carries, though it seems to work every bit as well as the more modern ones.
Wish List: Musket. Bodyguards. Business connections. A secure home. And money… lots of money. :)
Advancement: Possible Edges (in no particular order) - Hard to Kill (N), Level Headed (S), Nerves of Steel (N), Connections (N), Professional (L), Musketeer (N - SS), Scavenger (N - SS) Reputation (V - SS), Snakeoil Salesman (N - DL). Increases to Smarts, Spirit and Agility.

(McAllister's character sheet at 0 XP is attached below)



Human - Ex-Sky Pirate turned Scavenger (played by Nicko)
Features: Solid fighter; good sailor; Agile and Spirited; Carries a rib blade; Hard to kill.
Background: Grew up a pirate under Captain Palmstorm. Later led a failed mutiny against Palmstorm and was thrown overboard into the Void. Was rescued by a Windpriest that took him to Bridgeways. You then became a scavenger based in Gateway and have recently gone to Shadowhaven to sell some salvage.
Personality:Hates pirates (esp Capt Palmstorm); Heroic (doesn't really think about it, but his conscious compass will not let him leave people behind); Loyal (once a trusted friend of Rennik's, he will do anything for you).
Gaming Goals:
Important Items:
Wish List: Metal cutlas; flintlock pistols
Advancement: Increase Fighting, Shooting; Increase Strength, Vigor (can't do until he rises a rank).

(Rennik's character sheet at 0 XP is attached below)


Race - Class/Concept (played by ?
Gaming Goals: (Quests and things actual character wants to achieve).
Important Items:
Wish List: (Write what items, benefits, treasure, etc you would like here)
Advancement: (Write advances you would like).

(PC's name character sheet at #XP is attached below)

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